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Peanut Sesame Noodles Fete-a-Tete 1

Peanut Sesame Noodles

This is our take on the takeout favorite sesame noodles. It’s awesome served warm, at room temperature or even cold making it the perfect picnic dish or an easy side for your next big party.

We’ve made this version with udon noodles, which are thick Asian wheat noodles that can be found in most grocery stories in the Asian food section. If you want to make this wheat free, try another kind of Asian rice noodle. It will be delicious either way!

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Rick Bayless Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Fete-a-Tete

Rick Bayless Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

An all time favorite condiment, sauce, go-to topping. Rick Bayless, the Chicago-based, world renowned American chef known for his Mexican fare can’t do anything wrong. This is one of his simpler sauces that packs a lot of flavor and sophistication with just a couple of simple ingredients.

Add it to eggs, use it to top roasted chicken or sandwiches, or, more obviously, serve with tacos and chips.

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Pork Squared to The Cheese Degree?!            Chorizo Mozzarella Stuffed Pork Chops Fete-a-Tete 4

Pork Squared to The Cheese Degree?! Chorizo Mozzarella Stuffed Pork Chops

Pork chops can be boring. Let’s be real: They dry out quickly and easily, can sometimes taste rubbery and bland. But when they’re cooked right, pork chops are a rocking alternative to chicken. As you may recall, pork is the other white meat.

We think when you’re done with these, you’ll be saying, “ALL RIGHT!” because these deliciously tender pieces of meat also look a lot fancier than they are. We stuffed our pork chop with even more pork – spicy chorizo – and cheese, of course. Then we baked ’em in the oven until tender.

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Latin Party Platter: Grilled Chimichurri Chicken and Steak Fete-a-Tete

Latin Party Platter: Grilled Chimichurri Chicken and Steak

Do you miss the World Cup? Are you feeling a bit Brazilian? Do you just like eating good food? Good. Then grab this recipe, buy a bottle of Malbec (or five), and plan a little Latin American fiesta. Grilled meats with tangy and tart sauces make a pretty-on-the-plate family-style meal when paired with sautéed fresh peppers and onions.

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Corn-Basil Pesto Fete-a-Tete 2

Corn-Basil Pesto

Our all-time favorite pesto, this guy’s got a creamy sweetness that comes from the fresh corn and a tanginess from a little Parmesan cheese! It has a thick texture that is more substantial than an all-herb pesto. Serve it in pasta, or atop some crispy toast as an appetizer, or slap it on a sandwich.

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Chicken Tikka Masala Fete-a-Tete

Chicken Tikka Masala

Mmm… Tikka Masala. It’s spicy and creamy… and you can make it ahead! Here, we’ve made ours just a smidge healthier than what you’d find in an Indian restaurant. But if you’re feeling like going all in (see: adding heavy cream), more power to ya.

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Ginger Beef Stir Fry & Veggie Soba Noodles Fete-a-Tete 2

Ginger Beef Stir Fry & Veggie Soba Noodles

Asian stir-fries combine all of our favorite things: tender juicy meats, fresh vegetables, and an easy cooking method that uses minimal pots. The simple marinade that is versatile and will work great with chicken or pork. We love ours served over soba noodles but pair it with brown rice for an easy GF alternative.

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