#Balance: Lizzie & Katie’s Vices and Virtues

Image Credit: Home Works by Miles Aldridge for Iconology

If you’re like us, a new season brings a new set of resolutions and goals. It’s tempting, as magazines warn you that bikini season is coming, and you look back at your New Year’s Resolutions to find that you’ve broken them all, to whip out a new piece of paper, and start that whole resolution process again. After so many cycles of this, we realized something: Maybe it’s the drasticness of these changes we’re always pushing that make them destined to fail. So this year our goal is to maintain balance.

To party and also to sleep. To push ourselves and also relax. To be kind to ourselves, even when we didn’t get 10,000 steps and answer all those emails and haven’t put on pants for um… a few weeks. Here, some of our vices & virtues, and an amazing realization: We kind of love them all. And maybe need them all. Because, you know, too much of a good thing…

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Main Image Credit: Miles Aldridge Photo