Netflix and Chill: What to Watch, Wear, and Eat

Sweatsuit/Jumpsuit: Check. Popcorn: Check. Now, not sure what to watch? Make the most of these ultimate Netflix and Chill months with these shows, our fancy popcorns, and maybe treat yourself to a super luxe loungewear look? Here’s what we’re watching, wearing, and eating this February.

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What We’re Watching

The Young Pope
Jude Law is a sexy misbehaving pop who drinks Cherry Coke Zero. Diane Keaton is a badass nun. This is just good stuff.

Where to Watch: HBO
When: Now

Because Downton left a void in our heart and we finished The Crown in, like, a second.

Where to Watch: PBS
When: Now

Sneaky Pete
Con man on the run. Dysfunctional family. Bryan Cranston. Done.

Where to Watch: Amazon
When: Now

Tom Hardy plays a British adventurer who comes back to London after 10 years in Africa, for which he was presumed dead. The show’s gritty but Tom Hardy’s pretty damn good.

Where to Watch: FX
When: Now

Z: The Beginning of Everything
Christina Ricci plays Zelda Fitzgerald, the wild Southern Belle whose passionate fights with her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald were legends in themselves. The show focuses on Zelda’s, the original flapper’s, biography.

Where to Watch: Amazon
When: Now

The Santa Clarita Diet
A horror-comedy where Drew Barrymore is a cannibal? We’re in.

Where to Watch: Netflix
When: Now

The Israeli TV show is explosive and addictive: a thriller about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can’t stop watching, even with subtitles.

Where to Watch: Netflix
When: Now

Medici: Masters of Florence
UGH we love period pieces. Add in Richard Madden, (AKA ROB STARK): You had us at chill. This drama portrays the rise and fall the family of famous Italian bankers, the Medici family, so it’s like AP Euro but fun.

Where to Watch: Netflix
When: Now

Big Little Lies
A murder mystery among first-grade moms with an all-star cast: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Dern.

Where to Watch: HBO
When: February 19

Feud: Bette and Joan
Two of the bestest actresses playing two of the bestest actresses! Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange go head to head in the biopic about infamous rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Where to Watch: FX
When: March 5

Twin Peaks
Some of us have been waiting for this for an actual decade. And yeah, May isn’t, like tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with the super-kooky, uber-stylized David Lynch show with a cult following, you’ve got time to catch up. Watch the old episodes on Amazon.

Where to Watch: Showtime
When: May 21

The Handmaid’s Tale
Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale portrays a grim future where America is taken over by a totalitarian theocracy. Elisabeth Moss is at the center of this dystopia and we are psyched (and sort of scared).

Where to Watch: Hulu
When: April 26

The Deuce
James Franco stars in a drama about the rise of the porn industry in NYC. Jackpot.

Where to Watch: HBO
When: TBA

What We’re Wearing

On Lizzie

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What We’re Eating

Savory and Sweet Fancy Pants Popcorn



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