As you’ve probably realized, we love nothing more than a new store chocked full of home goods you can’t find anywhere else. And while AHA Front is a totally new store, it’s sort of like seeing an old friend, because we’ve been obsessed with their website, for basically a bagillion years.

The brick and mortar space, on Front Street in Dumbo, is a concept store that reflects the Aha Life brand of “curated eclecticism” while providing an experience that you simply can’t have shopping online. Many pieces, as well as providing aesthetic beauty, will also serve as sensory experiences, like an exclusive line of handmade, bespoke drums, made with materials like tourmaline, green agate, and white opal by designer Samuel Amoia.

The shop will also stock the AHA10, curated collections of ten favorite AHALife products, chosen by tastemakers like Tom Dixon and Shauna Mei. AHA Front is just what we want in a home store: a delightful playground, where you can take a lot of the fun home.


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