Feed Your Friends: Crowd Pleasing Summertime Pastas

Forget Summer sadness, we gots none of that. We’ve got Summer laziness. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s all the Instagram photos of celebrities on boats, but we’re sort of just, like, let me lounge, people! So, in the interest of keeping Summer stove-time to a minimum, but still being hostesses with the mostess who #feedourfriends, we’re whipping make-ahead summertime pastas that are one-and-done dishes that take away fussiness without compromising fun or FLAVA.

Make these for lunch on the roof, a picnic in the park, or dinner al fresco. Packed with fresh, seasonal ingredients, we’ve got options for every kind of guest: the herbivore, the carnivore, and the pescatarians. Got some gluten free gals or pals comin’ over? Substitute R & P Gluten Free Pasta in any of these – you’ll never know the difference! {Click for Recipes}

Kale & Corn Pesto Pasta with Sausage


Chili Lemon Spring Shrimp Pasta


Mexican Street Style Chicken Pasta Salad



Opah! A Greek Party Orzo Salad


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