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If Richard Simmons Can’t Help Us, Smoothies and Leggings Can

We’re going to get real with you: The sunshine is great and all, and we’re excited for Spring (we’re not CRAY-CRAY) but it isssssss a bit of a double-edged sword. It means: social lives, eating outside, dresses, Vitamin D, the cessation of seasonal depression, our pale skin hopefully changing shades, our cool ripped-the-whole-way jeans being an actual wearable possibility, bright colors for pedicures, and also for produce, but also it means…. We need to get real about how we’ve been behaving all Winter.

Our Winter days started by pressing snooze buttons (you can’t wake up when it’s dark out), staying inside under blankets that hid not only our own bodies but the crumbs that had tumbled onto them, and starting our at-home “cocktail hour” a bit early (it was dark out!) resulting in… well… cocktail hourssssss.

Since Richard Simmons isn’t taking our calls, we’re taking another route to motivate  our healthyish-high-kick: cute leggings that remind us of the foods that will help us on our wellness journey, and the foods (and bevs) that we’re busting our asses to enjoy, and smoothies that actually taste good when it’s not negative two out.

Helpful Healthkick Foods (Scroll Through):

Shop these: Avocado Leggings | Pineapple Leggings | Kale Leggings


Foods That Make Life Worth Living (Scroll Through):

Shop these: Taco Leggings | Rose Leggings | Champagne Leggings | Burger Leggings

Also: Smoothies. Our faves are the Green Power from Terri NYC (sub almond milk to make it healthier!), The new Green Light and Nurse Ginger Green from Juice Press, and the Green Guardian or Protein Buzz (with chocolate whey it’s LEGIT just like a milkshake) from Juice Generation.

If you REALLY want to feel good about yourself, and save some dollaz in the process, whip up one of our recipes at home (click to the photo to get recipe):

The Strawberry Pearsicle Smoothie
The Green Machine Smoothie

Green Machine Smoothie

The Wake & Bake Smoothie


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