Spruce Up Your Salad Game

On a real scorcher, the thought of cooking can be, well, nauseating. Those are the nights that  a salad piled high sounds like the only solution. That, or eating ice cream out of a tub, which never ends well. Still, we get stuck in a salad rut (goat cheese, peppers, avocado, like, every time). This Summer we’re determined not to have sad salads. We’re going to make them fun! And something we want to eat! And something we would even… feed our friends? Here are our salad tips and tricks to get over that midweek salad slump.

Tip # 1: Mix it Up with a New Kind of Vinegar

There are so many flavors of vinegar, it might blow your mind. Get out of your comfort zone. We swear it’s not scary. Mix a new flavor into your vinaigrette.

Our Vinegar Picks (click to buy):

Products for Salads.001

Blackberry Vinegar | Maple Sherry Bourbon Vinegar | Heriloom Lemon White Wine Vinegar


Tip # 2: Pickle it Pretty

These days, you can find just about anything pickled, which will add tang and texture.

Our Pickled Picks (click to buy):

Products for Salads.002

Pickled Tomatoes | Curried Cauliflower Pickles | Pickled Apricots


Tip # 3: Always Add Crunch

Texture is key in the perfect salad. We love to have some crunch, whether it be savory (nuts) or sweet (fresh fruit).

Our Fave Crunchies (click to buy): 

Products for Salads.003

Salted Crispy Chickpeas | Spiced Candied Almonds | Rosemary Granola



Tip #4: Make it Bright

Playing with colors is key when reinventing the salad wheel. Taste the rainbow, people. Here are colorful additions you may not have thought about adding to your platter of greens.

Our Bright Product Picks:

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Golden Raisins | Dried Blueberries | Dried Green Apples




For more salad ideas and recipes check out our Recipe Index

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