Under the Radar: O&Co. Oils, Vinegars, Salts and More

We are, admittedly, addicted to shopping. But not just for placemats and vases and candlesticks and… okay, shoes… we also LOVE a food shopping outing. We’re not talking about the grocery store (although we do have fun there), but about the foods you find in specialty shops that you can’t find anywhere else. Oliviers & Co. is one of those shops – specialty, specific and for some reason, still under the radar. Since we’re not stingy with our knowledge, we thought we’d fill you in.

Oliviers & Co. (or O&Co. for those in the know) started as an olive oil shop and now sells all kinds of salts, oils, vinegars, pastas, tapenades, and more. Every product on their shelves is versatile and can be used in simple recipes to make them a little more wowzers; none require any expertise to use. Their basics are amazing – thick balsamic vinegar and fragrant olive oil, basil pesto and olive tapenade—and some of the other, less-expected items really stand out. Also: their truffle salt has saved us from many a tasteless dish.

Don’t trust us? Thomas Keller’s a fan, too.

Here’s a list of some of our fave O&Co. products and how we use them:

Bell Pepper & Ricotta Cheese Pesto: A variation on the pesto you know and love, this guy is great as a sub for tomato sauce on pizza, dolloped on a crostini with some goat cheese, or mixed into pasta. Heck, you can slather it onto your omelette, too.

Savory Red Wine Vinegar:Great to add into a braise for veggies, to add to olive oil for a glaze for meat or, more obviously, to mix into salad dressing.

Salt & Herb Mix for Meat, Fish, and Salads: Get all of these. We repeat: Get all of these. It’s surprising how the right mix of herbs can elevate ANY dish. A dab of the stuff on your steak, burger, or fish before cooking, and a sprinkle of the salad salt on your salad or in your dressing are literally life-changing.

Basil Olive Oil: This makes for the lightest, yummiest salad dressing, especially when combined with lemon, white wine, and salt. It’s also #bomb in pasta salad, with some fresh chopped basil and tomatoes. And DUH: on caprese, FTW.

These are just the products in our everyday rotations, but we’re also in love with their delicious pestos, and gorgeous pastas, which are not just yum-o-rama, but also beautiful to look at (think: Tomato Papardelle, Linguini with Black Squid Ink, and Olive Leaf Shaped Spinach Pasta).

O&Co.’s products provide super-easy, not-crazy-expensive ways to whip up a meal that feels special without causing much stress. Perfect for a date night in, impressing your girls, or as a hostess gift (they do great boxes).


Get your O&CO. now and, because we like you, get FREE shipping (on orders over $150): www.oliviersandco.com

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