Cider Season is Upon Us: Thanksgiving Day Cocktails

Thanksgiving Day is pretty important at FAT HQ. It’s a holiday celebrated in and around the kitchen and table. It’s one of the few days a year that we can actually blame our food coma on the food (because of whatever that ingredient is in turkey). More importantly, it’s a time when we gather around those we may not see enough and remember that we are truly blessed and thankful for everything in our lives, and also when we can show off any new tricks we’ve learned in the kitchen or in our mixologist’s toolkit.

One of the best ways to kick your afternoon or evening off is with a signature, fall-inspired cocktail that has the right amount of apple-spice-and everything else nice (see: LIQUOR) that will get your guests a little loose. These are three new additions to our fall entertaining repertoire. Give ’em a shake, why don’t you?


Jacked Up Apple Pie In a Glass 


Thanksgiving Day Apple Cider Mules


Spiked Maple-Apple Cider Sweet Tea Punch




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