From Breakfast to Happy Hour: Cold Brew, an All Day Obsession

Cold Brew: So Hot Right Now. Or cold. Whatever. It’s good, people are into it, and we don’t care, we’re totally on the bandwagon, drinkin’ the kool aid, the whole kit and caboodle.

There are a bazillion cold brews out there but one recently caught our eye. Why? Well, it comes in a cute little can, comes in multiple yummy flavors, and IT HAS MORE CAFFEINE. Were we too excited about that?

This li’l cutie is High Brew and not only is it more caffeinated, it’s also less acidic than other cold brews, making it a win-win-win-win.

And you know those days where you could kind of go for a cold brew at cocktail hour? But you’re like, “I want a cocktail, too”? High Brew’s got ya covered. Here are some recipes to incorporate your fave coffee flave into cocktail hour treats.

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