The Sauce: Muddled Fruit Cocktails

You guys: Remember fruit? And day drinking? Although it may not seeeeeeem like it, they will be parts of your life again soon, because Spring and Summer have to come at some point, that’s a statistical fact. And when they do, we’ll be ready, with our muddler and our highballs and these boozy beauties. Our muddled fruit cocktails are colorful, cheery, and refreshing, which (to be honest) is more than we can say for ourselves these days. Go, muddled fruit cocktails! You’re doing great!


Sparkling Muddled Berry and Mint Cocktail


Tangy Muddled Kiwi, Lemon and Tequila Soda

Frozen Tequila Coconut Slushie with a Muddled Fruit Floater

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