Dinner Recipes

Kimchi – Hoisin Glass Noodles

Kimchi is one of the most delicious ways to get your gut health on. The crunchy, strangely addictive fermented veggie can sometimes scare people (ok I get that the scent is a bit intense). But I am telling you, this recipe will trick them into loving the thing. The simple dressing dials down the intensity of plain kimchi, without loosing its flavor and healthy gut-boosting lactobacilli bacteria (since there is no cooking involved with the veggies). Add in avocados or pair it with a meat for a full on delish dinner. This is also totally vegan, gluten free, and dairy free, which means all your ultra healthy pals will think you’re totally in tune with their super trendy lifestyle.

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Hoisin, Ginger Steak Kebabs with Kimchi Hoisin Glass Noodles

Using a simple Asian style marinade, these steak kebabs are flavorful, easy to prep ahead of time, and are ready in under 10 minutes on a grill or broiled in the oven. Make our simple, gluten free, Kimchi glass noodle salad for a no cook side dish that is perfect for any summer BBQ or lunch date. Add in any of your favorite easy to grill veggies to the kebab, making this your new completely customizable dish for all those picky eaters in the family, all done in under 30 minutes.

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Korean Beef Bulgogi & Kimchi-Veggie Noodle Bowls

Beef Bulgogi is super popular. Why? ‘Cause it is bomb. Every Korean family, chef, or bulgogi-connoisseur has their own twist: adding fruits, citrus, and spices to the marinade or toppings and accoutrements. Our version takes a traditional approach with the addition of fresh orange juice for tang and to mellow out some of the spice from the Gochujang (fermented chile paste).

We also love to serve it in a bowl along side rice, grains, or noodles, for a one dish show stopper. Pair our Bulgogi with two other Korean inspired Fete-a-Tete side dishes, our Kimchi-Veggie Noodle Stir Fry and Ginger Chile Brocolli Rabe and Red Pepper Sauté. Served together in a bowl, the complex spices, flavors, and combinations of Korea have us Seou’led on our new 2017 food destination of choice.

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Ginger Curry Slowcooked Lamb Tagine with Moroccan Bulgar Salad

This lamb ginger curry is slow cooked in the oven so that the meat comes out tender and the flavors develop in the sauce. This isn’t a creamy curry, which we love because its indulgent and satisfying but without the extra fat. Pair it with our bulgar wheat salad or traditional cous cous. Even curry haters will be converts.

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