Ice Cream

MazelToffee! Ice Cream: The Perfect Passover Treat

Why is this ice cream different from any other? Because it’s the best ice cream there is. The matzo adds a savory something something to the sweet toffee and an extra crunch, which is totes the perfectly balanced ice cream trifecta. This stuff is so good, even Elijah’s gonna want to get in on it. See what we did there?

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Leggo My Maple Eggo Ice Cream Sandwich

Beware: these Eggo waffle ice cream sandwiches may start a fight at the dinner table. A simple breakfast from our childhood combined with a resurging love for ice cream sandwiches make this one genius maple-icious dessert. It’s ready in minutes and when you serve it, we’re betting your guests won’t know what to do with themselves.

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Red Velvet Caramel Crunch Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches were such a big part of our childhood, why not bring them up a notch and make them part of our dinner party dessert rotation? I bet you can’t find a guest who doesn’t enjoy one. Especially when they are as bright and beautiful as these Red Velvet Caramel Crunch Sandwiches. Try our favorite combination of flavors here or sub in your go-to ice cream and additions. The options are endless.

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Technicolor Funfetti Ice Cream Sandwich

We’re bringing the ice cream sandwich back into our lives with semi-homemade ideas that are easy make-ahead show stoppers. Funfetti can make anyone happy, so when we were thinking about how to make the most colorful, deliciously simple recipe, we knew Funfetti had to be involved. Here we use simple vanilla or chocolate ice cream in the middle, with colorful pink sprinkles (because why not!), but feel free to do YOU, with flavor and color combinations to match your mood.

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Almond Butter, Chocolate, and Raspberry Crunch Ice Cream Fete-a-Tete

Almond Butter, Chocolate, and Raspberry Crunch Ice Cream

If your second grade self could see you now, she’d wonder, why did you abandon your trusty, fail-proof PB&J lunch? We got to wondering the same thing. But instead of cutting the crusts off our white bread, we took to the ice cream maker to figure out how to achieve that all-time favorite flavor combo. Using our go-to ice cream base mixture, we’ve created an almond butter, creamy and crunchy version of our childhood mainstay, the PB&J sandwich with chips. Trust us on the potato chip crunch – it may sound crazy but it’s what creates that salty sweet perfection.

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