Spring Pea and Three Cheese Cashew Pesto

Peas in pesto are a great green thing. Make this for little ones who won’t eat their veggies or grown ups who you still have to trick into getting their daily fix.

The lighter, subtle flavor of cashews won’t over power the sweet flavor of the peas and will allow the cheese to come through as well. Peas not in season? Don’t worry about it and opt for frozen peas from the bag. You will still get all the sweet, bright flavors of spring even in the colder months.

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OPAH! Greek Pasta Salad

The Greeks know how to party. So, we stole some of their flavors for this light summer crowdpleaser. It’s colorful and totally make-aheadable, so get your Greek on. Opah!

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Pasta with Chili Shrimp

This subtly spicy, slightly tangy, totally addictive shrimp pasta gets depth from the pancetta. But leave it out for a vegetarian option that’s just as fab. We love the addition of harissa for flavor and a nice little burst of red. Make ahead and serve this family-style for a crowd.

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Summertime Kale & Corn Pesto Pasta with Sausage

This green, red, and sausage-y pesto pasta is exactly what you want on a warm summer evening. The bright green pesto uses all fresh herbs and our summertime favorite superfood, kale, mixed with corn and lemon for a sweet and tangy dish. We use this pesto with chicken, on pizza, on toast, on our tooth brush (ok, maybe not). But you get it, it’s versatile. Spicy Italian sausage is the perfect compliment to beef it up and mellow it out.

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Hey-o Harissa Noodles

On a scale of easy to hard, these are, like, the easiest. But watch, they’re going to blow your guests’s minds. Hey-o: These harissa noodles can be served hot or cold (we like ’em cold), as a side dish, or a main, or… we usually eat ’em straight out of the bowl, fridge open.

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Our friends at Hatchery have some pretty unbelievable food products that can make any old dinner a lot more special. We asked them to whip up a V-Day menu that would feel like a night out, but we think we’ll be fixing this ragu a whole lot more than that.

Don’t be scared by the cook time: it’s deliciously easy. Just put it in your slow cooker and 4 hours later, you’re ready to eat—no hassle! The flavor comes from just a handful of wonderful ingredients, so you don’t have to run all over looking for every little herb and spice. Nonna’s Sweet Sauce from City Saucery does the heavy lifting in this recipe thanks to sweet peppers and sweet carrots, so get to (not really) cooking!

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Make Ahead Sesame Veggie Noodles Fete-a-Tete

Make Ahead Sesame Veggie Noodles

These cold noodles are inspired by one of our favorite takeaway spots out East, Loaves and Fishes. Served cold or at room temperature, they’re perfect for a picnic, day at the beach, or alongside your favorite grilled dishes. Make extra. Trust us.

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