Spring Entertaining

Lemon Baked Chicken Paillard Over Citrus Ramp and Veggie Angel Hair Pasta

Our baked to crispy perfection chicken paillard dish is paired with a lemon packed ramp angel hair pasta dish that is light, crisp, and totally satisfying in those warmer months of alfresco dining. Inspired by almost every culinary moment I had out in Capri, where every chef has a lemony-white wine pasta dish that is so simple yet delicious that it blows your mind.

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Pesto, Sweet Pepper, Chicken – Cheese Rolls

These little hand rolls are a great appetizer, make ahead lunch for the family or a game day snack. Make the filling the day before then stuff and bake the rolls right before you’re going to serve. It’s kind of like a fancy pizza pocket but healthier.

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Easter Egg Dulce De Leche Dream Bars

These gooey dream bars are kind of like a brownie that has bathed in Dulce de Leche sauce. I prefer all my desserts be topped with caramel, and by baking condensed milk on top of the blondie batter, you form a rich layer of caramelized goodness that make these dessert bars DREAM-Y. Enjoy with any kind of candy, no matter the time of year, but especially during Easter (because why wouldn’t you take advantage of pastel colored chocolates).

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Pasta with Chili Shrimp

This subtly spicy, slightly tangy, totally addictive shrimp pasta gets depth from the pancetta. But leave it out for a vegetarian option that’s just as fab. We love the addition of harissa for flavor and a nice little burst of red. Make ahead and serve this family-style for a crowd.

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Ramp, Pepperoni, and Spring Veggie Pasta Fete-a-Tete 1

Ramp, Pepperoni, and Spring Veggie Pasta

The ramp, that little root plant, with its garlicky, sweet onion flavor is always #trending this time of year. But what’s best about this little guy? He is simple but can make a dish without much else needed. This light, bright, and delicious Spring pasta is our go to mid week dinner pick me up. Not into pepperoni in your pasta, sub out for chicken or pork Italian sausage (de-cased) or ground meat. Vegan? Add in more veggies to stir fry and veganize the cheese. Either way, you’ll be happy Ramps made a guest appearance at your party.

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